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We're glad you found us!  DeckPro Surface Solutions specializes in the construction and care of decks.  We have built our reputation since our founding in 2002 based on a commitment to excellence in the maintenance and repair of wood and composite decks.

Deck repair and restoration services are essential for maintaining the safety, longevity and beauty of your outdoor living spaces. Over time, decks suffer from exposure to weather conditions, foot traffic, and natural degradation. Professional deck restoration and repair services can address issues such as loose or cracked boards, structural weaknesses, and cosmetic damage. Restoration efforts can rejuvenate an old deck, bringing it back to life with treatments like power washing, staining, and/or application of a protective coating. By entrusting your deck to DeckPro Surface Solutions, you ensure that it remains a safe and enjoyable place for relaxation and entertainment.

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DeckPro Surface Solutions will create the design and drawings of your new deck and work with city, township, or municipality code enforcement officials to make sure that your new deck is in compliance will all of the relevant requirements.



There is frequently a need to remove and dispose of an existing deck or other structure to make room for the deck you envision.


If necessary, DeckPro Surface Solutions will grade the land and excavate holes to place deck footings.


Footings / Foundation

Using code-compliant construction methods, DeckPro Surface Solutions will pour cement footings and set post anchors.


Using pressure treated lumber and galvanized hardware, DeckPro Surface Solutions will build the support structure in accordance with the design approved by the customer.



DeckPro Surface Solutions will install the flooring you desire  using pressure treated lumber, exotic hardwood, or one of the many composite flooring options available using the layout or configuration specified during the design stage.


DeckPro Surface Solutions will install wood or composite railings around the perimeter of your new deck including the stairs to ensure the safety of your family and guests.


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