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There are few things that can match the pristine effect a professional power wash can give to your home or establishment. At DeckPro Surface Solutions we offer a range of specialized power washing services to keep your home and its exterior structures looking clean and new. Whether it's stucco, siding, or concrete, by washing away years of dirt and grime with completeness and efficacy you can only get from a professional pressure washing service, it's easy to rediscover the beauty of your home. Treat your exteriors with a power wash from DeckPro and love your house again!

With our years of experience in the power washing and related services, we have refined and honed what we can offer to you and your home. While power washing is an invaluable aspect of any kind of sustainable home maintenance and renovation, it's incredibly important to know the right tools and techniques to use for a given case, and this is where DeckPro excels. Reach out and let us know your situation, we are certain to know the best steps forward with your needs, and know we can provide a top of the line pressure washing service to you.

Power washing is always an eventual need for your place of business or your home, and DeckPro wants to empower you with the services you need for this crucial aspect of maintaining your property. Whether it is refreshing your home's vinyl siding, bringing new life to your family's pool patio, or the critical task of deck paint removal, each situation calls for specific, appropriate power washing tools and practices, and you will find that DeckPro, with its wide range of power washing services, is prepared for each and every situation you might run into.

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Deck Power Washing

Deck Power Washing

Your deck provides you with the calm, peaceful outdoor living you need at home, but these beloved structures, so exposed to all the elements, are vulnerable to grime, disrepair, and rot.

DeckPro is passionate about deck restoration, and wants its clients to know that its much easier to maintain your favorite outdoor deck than it is to replace one totally left to disrepair, especially when you have a solid power washing service to call.  Even if you are only looking to stain your deck, you will need a deck stripping solution first, and our power washing methods can deliver that easily.

Whether your deck is made of wood or composite materials, it can be terribly easy for mold, mildew, and grime to grow out of control. But no matter how bad it looks, never underestimate the efficacy of a professional power washing service: its much cheaper than replacing your materials, and if you get your power washing service through DeckPro, know that we will apply the appropriate coating or sealant to your surfaces as part of the service, greatly minimizing the problem in the future.

House Pressure Washing

The exteriors and sidings of our beloved homes provide the shelter and security we come back to each day. Among all the steps you take to provide the right care and upkeep to your home, regular, effective pressure washing of your home's exterior siding is a crucial, often overlooked task.

Need to remove green stuff from your siding?  An informed and professional power washing service, like the kind you get from DeckPro Surface Solutions, will know exactly the tools and best-practices needed for the variety of surfaces modern home construction employs for siding, and will surely leave the curbside view of your home looking pristine, with no mysterious green stuff in sight.

Sometimes the only thing in between your home looking worn and stale instead of pristine and inviting is an effective power washing of its grimey areas, but modern construction has created a situation where a vast range of materials are used to form the structural and cosmetic areas of our homes and establishments, and power washing is not a one-size-fits-all activity; at DeckPro, we use our expertise to employ the right tools for the job, and make your home like-new in no time.

House Pressure Washing

Patio Power Washing

As far as comfortable outdoor living goes, there is nothing like a well-shaded, cozy patio. Modern patios can be made of everything from pressed concrete to exquisite paver stone or brick; either way these surfaces are vulnerable to grime and general wear, such that virtually the only recourse to reviving your patio is a professional power washing service.

See how your patio can go from grimey and dull shade it is now to a pristine and spotless glow that only a competent power washing service can provide.  Remove mildew, moss, and mold immediately, and see how your space transforms!

Inquiring about DeckPro’s top-of-the-line power washing service means that you will be in knowledgeable and friendly hands: we know the best kinds of coating or sealants you can use for your patio surface, and will consult with you on not just getting your patio clean, but on protecting it and mitigating future upkeep.

Pool Deck Power Washing

Pool decks are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home for mildew and mold to grow. In truth, we ask a lot of our pool decks: to be stable and comfortable structures that often get and stay wet and moist. Even modern, composite pool decks can often succumb to mildew and mold.

With DeckPro Surface Solutions you can get your pool deck cleaned and looking new with the best quality services and consultations around. We have the best tools around to pressure wash your whole pool deck.

After a professional power washing of your  pool patio area, you might decide to apply a protective coating and sealant. This will help slow deterioration of the surface and make it easier to clean and maintain on an ongoing basis. There are many patio washing and sealing options to choose from, so give us a call to discuss the specifics of your project.

Pool Patio Powerwash
Concrete Walkway Power Washing

Concrete Walkway Power Washing

The concrete walkways and sidewalks that lead into your establishment are crucial areas with regard to the overall cleanliness of your space. Sadly, because these areas typically sustain a lot of foot traffic, they can become discolored by unsightly mold or mildew stains rather quickly. This buildup can then detract from the appearance of your property, as well as make your walkway particularly slippery when wet.

DeckPro Surface Solutions provides a professional power washing service which will expertly pressure wash your concrete walkways and sidewalks, making an enormously positive impact to the appearance of your business, as well as making it safer for you and your customers to walk on.

After pressure washing your concrete walkways and sidewalks, you might decide to apply a protective coating and sealant. This will help slow deterioration of the surface and make it easier to clean and maintain on an ongoing basis. There are many pressure washing and sealing options to choose from, and the professionals at DeckPro are ready to find the best options for your walkway.

Brick Power Washing

When working with brick and common pressure washing tools, it's important to use both the right kind of detergent, as well as the right pressure washing tools.  While stable and hardy materials for construction, brick can be rather tricky to properly clean.  You need to anticipate the efflorescence that occurs from the brick’s natural minerals reacting to water and sunlight, among other similar concerns.


When you work with a company like DeckPro, you know you will be in the right hands when it comes to the power wash service you need for tasks like this.  We know what to expect from brick when it is cleaned, and will follow up on the surface to guarantee that it looks bright and pristine, just as you would expect.  You will be amazed at how your beloved exteriors are  totally transformed from the professional work we do!

Brick Power Washing

Stucco Pressure Washing

Yearly stucco washing is one of easiest things you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home or business. Green mold and mildew stains can develop quickly on stucco, especially on sides of the structure in question that don’t get a lot of exposure to sunlight. In addition, stains or discolorations due to weather, animals, and rust can develop over time on stucco.

DeckPro Surface Solutions is routinely hired by homeowners and real estate professionals in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area looking to put their properties on the market. We have the experience and tools needed to effectively mitigate mold and mildew on your stucco.

When you power wash stucco, you bring it back to life and your whole home with it.  Working with stucco and high pressure can be tricky though, so it's important to work with professionals like DeckPro, and the power washing service we provide, to make sure you treat your surfaces safely and sustainably.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti and other unwanted paint on surfaces is a major eyesore and hassle for your home or business. Not only do they severely hurt the presentation of your business, or the beauty of your home, but graffiti can often also be incredibly hard to remove without the know-how.

DeckPro Surface Solutions is highly experienced with graffiti removal, and we have the tools and ability to restore your affected walls quickly and without too much hassle. We use the right chemicals combined with the best equipment to keep your building looking like new again.

If you have graffiti removal needs, your absolute best solution is to find a professional power washing company like DeckPro to remove it.  We are proud to provide this service to our clients when they are most in need.

Graffiti Removal

Soft Washing

Soft washing is an important and eco-friendly action you can take for certain areas of your home. "Soft washing" refers to an activity similar to power washing, but with tools modified to have less than 500 PSI in stream pressure. This practice is important for soft, sensitive outdoor surfaces like your deck furniture, vinyl siding and stucco.

The decision to soft wash versus more traditional, high-pressure power washing is an important one for the features of your home or business that are suffering from grime, mold, or rot, and making this decision underlies how important it is to find an experienced and professional power washing company that can undertake this delicate task. Not only that, but often soft washing must go hand in hand with the right detergents and chemicals in order to effectively clean affected surfaces, and it's important to have knowledgeable professionals by your side for this.

DeckPro Surface Solutions employs the best practices and equipment when it comes to rejuvenating your home or business, whether you are soft washing your home's beautiful cedar shake siding, or cleaning your patio's screen enclosure.  This kind of experience and direction is as important when you are looking for power washing service as it is when you are looking for a soft washing one.

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