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DeckPro Surface Solutions offers a comprehensive collection of services to help maintain the beautiful but sometimes sensitive fragile wooden structures of your home or business’ exterior. Maintaining wood decks, fences, play structures, and other important wooden elements of your outdoor spaces will always inevitably involve more than regular washing and staining; no form of sealant or finishing can prevent the inevitable need for professional carpentry work from time to time, and DeckPro is happy to combine our washing, painting, and staining services with a suite of widely-needed wood repair services.

Deck refinishing, for example, whether on a rickety old deck made of traditional wood or modern composite materials, should always be considered before you take the more drastic step of demolishing it. You will be absolutely amazed at what our professionals can do to revive your deck or swingset: we will strategically replace pieces of the deck to reinforce its structure, as well as sand out annoying splinters and scuffs. Childproof a deck so it can be safe and something that everyone can enjoy again!

Choose DeckPro to resurface your deck, replace rotted boards with modern composite material, or reinforce the deck’s structure to make sure it will stand up to the test of time and natural elements. Or, if you are looking for an upgrade, ask us about how we can add new vinyl railing to your deck, or refresh your wobbly staircase. Any kind of carpentry work you need done, DeckPro has the experience and friendly service you want.

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Deck repair

Deck Repair

Whether you need to tighten loose boards of your deck that have been warped from heat and moisture, replace lattice which has broken, or fix steps which have become dangerously loose, a comprehensive deck repair service is always eventually needed for your home or business, and DeckPro has the expertise and tools to get this work done efficiently and dependably.

We know that projects like deck sanding, replacing loose railing, or installing a gate for your home’s deck are undertaken not just to make your deck look beautiful again, but to make these spaces childproof and once again enjoyable for the whole family; this is why we take such care with our deck repair service: it makes the difference between an enjoyable space for your family, and one that no one can enjoy.

Deck Resurfacing

One question we get from our clients often is: “Should I demolish my deck?” This often comes from people who have a rickety old deck with loose railing, wobbly staircase, and severely rotted boards. While sometimes a full demolition of your home’s deck is necessary, never underestimate what a quality resurfacing job can do, especially from the experts at DeckPro.

DeckPro’s deck refinishing service won’t simply replace rotted boards on your deck, but will also fix steps, loose railing, and anything else you need to revive your deck to the kind of structure your favorite outdoor spaces deserve.

Wood Deck Resurfacing
Fence Repair In Progress

Fence Repair

Wood fences are commonly used to mark the edge of property lines and enclose areas for children and pets. If left untreated, a wood fence will inevitably dry out, rot, and fall into shambles. We recommend washing and staining wood fencing every few years, but it is often the case that these important structures need more comprehensive maintenance and repair, and DeckPro can help you with that too.

DeckPro provides fence repair and fence maintenance services so that our clients can thoroughly enjoy these important functional and aesthetic elements of their outdoor spaces. Our expertly done fence repair service will comprehensively go over your fence and replace rotted boards, reinforce its structure, and do everything we can to set it up to be the dependable and lovely barrier you need for your home in the many years to come. Pairing our fence repair service with our professional power wash service means DeckPro can thoroughly renovate your fence to exactly the shape it was in when it was first installed!

Composite Resurfacing

Composite decking is a popular feature for all sorts of backyards and other exterior areas. Typically extruded from a combination of wood and plastic materials, composite decking is advertised as a dependable and easy-to-maintain alternative to traditional wood decks, but as any owner of a composite deck knows, there is always still some maintenance or even resurfacing to be done. Composite decks are not immune to loose railing, or a wobbly staircase, and even with these modern structures, you will sometimes need to replace lattice or broken boards.

The experts at DeckPro know all the modern composite decking material and how to treat them best. If you are interested in transforming your old deck into something more secure and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with our composite decking maintenance service.

Code Compliance

Safety & Code Compliance

Are you buying or selling a home and need to bring an existing deck up to code?  DeckPro can help!  In 2015, the International Residential Code was updated, with significant changes to deck construction requirements.

Many Suburban Philadelphia Real Estate Professionals guide their clients to DeckPro during the home inspection process to address a range of home code violations such as installing ledger flashing and proper joist hangers to replacing support structure components and other deck safety issues.

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