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One of the most crucial steps in maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your home or business' external structures is the regular staining, painting, and sealing of exposed outdoor surfaces.  Not only is it always an eventual need, but it is also just simply amazing how a professionally undertaken staining or painting can totally transform a surface.  But these tasks are often fraught with the complexities and mistakes in matching the right kind of stain or paint to the specific surface in question.  We can't recommend our service enough if you need a safe and reliable way to perform this essential maintenance.

Is the paint chipping away on your once pristine deck?  Are you looking to make your private outdoor oasis into something a little more elegant looking?  Anything you can imagine when it comes to painting and sealing your deck or other exterior surface, DeckPro will have the tools, strategies, and results you are looking for.

Deck painting, sealing, and staining are famously hard to get right, and rather unforgiving if you make a mistake in either the procedures or chemicals used.  Attempting to use certain kinds of sealants with a deck that hasn’t been stripped or cleaned properly, for example, will lead to ruptures in the sealing and, eventually, moldy boards that will need to be replaced.  Painting a deck without the right preparations and primers will lead to chipped paint and will be an eyesore for your backyard.  When you go with DeckPro for your deck painting and sealing needs, know that you will be in good hands and that you will get a deck that will be both beautiful and easy to maintain for years to come.

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Deck restoration

Deck Restoration

A thorough restoration of your deck will involve a number of different elements: first, you need to consider whether there needs to be structural work done, like resurfacing or structural fixes, next you need to decide what combination of stripping, cleaning, and sealing you want to go with. Every decision you make in this process will change the ideal procedures and materials you will need to implement in order to restore your deck effectively and keep it looking good for years to come.

If it’s exhausting trying to think through all this, consider going with a comprehensive restoration service from DeckPro for your deck: we have the experience and know-how needed to effectively tackle this kind of project, and will fully restore your deck to your exact preferences and needs.

Deck Staining

While painting and sealing a deck is a great option, many of our customers opt for a more elegant looking wood stain. And yet, deciding on the right stain for your deck can be a little daunting, and often turns people away from this option. Different surfaces work best with only certain kinds of stains, and sometimes the washing and sanding you need to undertake to even get started staining can be prohibitive.

This is a shame because there is nothing better you can do for a deck to make it look absolutely elegant than properly staining it, and that's also exactly why DeckPro provides a professional deck staining service alongside our repair and powerwashing offerings.  Just leave it to us, we promise you will barely recognize your deck once we apply our industry best practices and products to it.

Deck staining

Exterior Painting

At DeckPro, we know the aesthetic value of your exterior spaces don't begin and end with your decks and patios, but really every external structure is going to need some work done. While the kind of power washing services we provide will do all they can to revive and clean the exterior surfaces of your home of business, we know sometimes cleaning, no matter how high pressure, is not all that's needed.

We love that we can combine our professional power washing, staining, and wood repair services with our masterful and informed exterior painting know-how. You will be amazed at what a deck painting can do when combined with proper cleaning and sealant; it's like getting a whole new deck without having to demolish your old one!

Interior Painting

While we at DeckPro specialize in all forms of external surfaces—whether it is cleaning a deck or refinishing your concrete walkway—our experience and friendly expertise doesn’t end there.  We have worked hard to be able extend our abilities into various forms of interior painting work.

Just reach out to let us know your situation, and we are certain we can provide the results you need in terms of painting your interior spaces.  Combined with our powerwashing and exterior surface staining and/or repair, DeckPro can be your one-stop company for totally transforming and reviving the surfaces of your home.

Interior Painting

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